To break the cycle of incarceration through the implementation of mindfulness interventions.

Jailbird Foundation exists to stop human beings from flying into the cage.  


We gather formalized data around mindfulness-based incarceration interventions.


We speak, advise and consult with legislators, prison administration, employers, law enforcement and the public, advocating less expensive and more effective responses to criminal behavior.


We deliver mindfulness-based programs and technology to at-risk youth, currently incarcerated citizens, and returning citizens.   Additionally, we provide these mindfulness-based programs to the service providers in direct interface with these populations.  

Founder, ROBIN SOL LIEBERMAN is a cultural anthropologist focused on creating a more compassionate culture in America.  As President of Jailbird Foundation, she is committed to stopping the socially-damaging cycle of incarceration.

To learn more about our Founder and the rest of our officers, please visit our team page and watch this speech by Ms. Lieberman below:

Let's put a stop to the cycle of incarceration for public safety

and the unnecessary suffering of so many.

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