Robin Sol Lieberman

Executive Director & Founder

is a cultural anthropologist focused on creating a more compassionate culture in America. As Executive Director of the Jailbird Foundation, she is committed to stopping the socially-damaging cycle of incarceration.

Robin is the author of The Charisma Code: Communicating in a Language Beyond Words.  It was during Robin’s heart-opening experience first teaching the confidence and communication tools from her book to incarcerated and formerly-incarcerated citizens, that eventually led her to create the Jailbird Foundation. She has since become a student of Criminal Justice Reform.  Aside from her own non-profit’s initiatives with implementing mindfulness for crime prevention, Robin volunteers inside and outside of prison with like-minded groups such as the Office of Ex-Offender Re-entry in Montgomery County OH, Reinventing Reentry AZ, Insight Prison Project CA, the Freedom to Choose Project CA, #Cut50, Inside-Out CA, and Centinela Youth Services Restorative Justice Mediators’ Program.  She is a trained mediator through the Center for Dispute Resolution. 


Robin is part of UCLA’s Semel Institute of Neuroscience Mindfulness Facilitation program where she created the Mindful Passages Series for those in transition.  This series includes her trauma-sensitive program, “Mindful Living for Successful Reentry: A Seven-Week-Mindfulness Course for Men and Women Exiting from Prison and Jail.”

Robin is an online contributor to Arianna Huffington’s new start-up, Thrive Global, leads diplomatic training sessions at the United Nations for IMPACT Leadership 21’s Emerging Global Leaders program and serves as an advisor to Alliance 4 Empowerment, an organization committed to creating social and economic inclusion worldwide.  Robin is a regular presenter at the United Nations, most recently on the topic of  “Prison: Best Global Practices.”  


With her company, TrueCharisma, she helps people very different from one another connect and communicate with each other.  As such, she has trained global leaders through events organized by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with new arrival immigrants and refugees, and with the marketing teams of international companies such as Pfizer.  Robin has taught at UC San Diego, UCLA, and at Ashoka U as a guest teacher in the Former Under-Secretary General of the United Nations, Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury’s, Peace & Conflict studies class.   


Robin Sol brings her multimedia media background to social change. She has produced, directed, and hosted numerous web series and radio shows.  During 2016’s emotionally-heightened political season, she was a regular TV-and-radio-guest expert on Fox, the CW and SiriusXM. As an interviewer, researcher, and trained anthropologist, Ms. Lieberman will tell you she has learned most everything she knows from asking questions. As a meditator, mediator and problem solver, she will also tell you she has learned most anything she knows from asking questions. 

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